Garterlac Dishcloth Pattern

by Clesha on July 2, 2008

I needed a break from making scarves, so I decided to try an interesting looking pattern for a dishcloth. After all, dish & washcloths are like instant gratification.

I chose the Garterlac Dishcloth Pattern thinking I will learn a lot of new techniques. It will also help me knit without fear (or tears).

Well, I am happy-less (yes, I made up a new word) to announce that not only am I stuck on the first row, I had to put it aside because it was making my head hurt. This pattern is not for the weak of heart.

Here’s where I’m stuck.

garterlac pattern help

I have to add another square to finish this row. You do this by picking up stitches down the side of the previous row. I can’t figure out where to pick up the stitches. Side A or side B. My head is starting to hurt again just thinking about this.

For all you knowledgeable knitters out there, where do I pick up those stitches?! Something tells me I will be restarting this for the 3rd time.

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