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5 Aromatherapy Tools For A Better Night’s Sleep

5 bedtime tools

For years I have suffered a restless nights.  Getting to sleep isn’t always the problem, staying asleep is.  It was usually from having too much on my mind, distractions outside my bedroom window, or some other situation outside of my control.  It was so bad, I sought help from my doctor.  She gave me a few suggestion that I partnered with my own aromatherapy know-how to help me get some shut-eye.

Doctor Suggested: Here are a few things my doctor suggested

  • Clear the clutter out of your bedroom – freeing up space will free up the energy in your bedroom
  • Use your bedroom for sleeping only – do not use it as an office, computer lab, etc.
  • Turn off the TV at the same time very night – this will signal your body that it’s time for bed
  • Take the electronics out of your bedroom

Aromatherapy Suggested: Here are a few of the ways I used aromatherapy to help usher in sweet dreams

  1. Diffusing a relaxing blend one hour before going to sleep. This will set the atmosphere in your sacred space.
  2. Milk bath with soothing lavender buds and chamomile does wonders for the mind and your skin.
  3. A gentle aromatherapy massage to relieve tension.
  4. Herbal sleepy time tea.
  5. Journal and get out all of those thoughts that will have your mind racing instead of winding down.

While I still have the occasional restless night, I can say that sleep comes easier and, more often than not, I manage to sleep through the night uninterrupted.

Give these suggestions a try or tell me how you prepare for an uninterrupted night of sleep in the comments below.

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