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Are You Sowing Seeds of More Or Less?


For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7 (NKJV)

Sowing Seeds

Let me ask you something. As you go through your day, what conversations are you having with yourself? Are you cheering yourself on for your small accomplishments? Are you saying a prayer of thanks for the blessings that you’re receiving at that time, no matter what form they come in? Or, are you lamenting on your aches and pains, those people at work, lack of money in your bank account, or the fact that they ran out of ketchup at the drive-thru?

I got a feeling that most of the time, you’re probably focusing on everything that is going wrong around you. I believe this because I used to do it all the time. I would wake up and say a prayer of thanks for the opportunity to open my eyes, and then switch mental gears to thoughts of having to go into a workplace that’s zapping my creativity and spirit. As you can imagine, by the time I got to work, I was always in less than a good mood.

If you repeat this cycle day in, and day out, you become that thought. It will become your mantra, which is “a commonly repeated word or phrase”. Almost equivalent to saying a prayer or affirmation. It becomes so embedded in your psyche and spirit, that you become the living manifestation of that thought. Even worse, you’re sowing negative seeds into your life. What you desire, or request is what God will give you.

Your Thoughts Have Power

“I don’t have any money!” Congratulations, you’re now officially living in financial lack. “I can’t stand this job! No one knows what they’re doing!” Guess who’s now always at your desk for help? “These people are stressing me out!” You must like walking around as one tight ball of nerves.

And, trust me when I say, people notice. They notice how you carry that negative energy with you everywhere you go. You’re like that person who is followed by an ugly, gray storm cloud. Eventually, they’ll stop wanting to be around you because you will begin to drain their energy. And, if they choose to stay, it’s because, most of the time, they’re spewing the same misery. So, not only are you sowing negative seeds into your own life but now you have company to help you. Aren’t friends the best?!

Well, I say to you, those friends you do not need. God has made you more than your stress, more than your illness, and more than your situation. You were made in the image of the all that is perfect and to believe you are anything less is to say God got it wrong.

Change the Dialogue

So, now I ask you, what are you saying to yourself? Are your thoughts birthing verbal seeds that bring your spirit life and increase, or lack and death? You give life with every thought you have, and life with every word you speak. Are you speaking healing, peace, and wisdom into your life? Or, are you speaking stress, lack, negativity and spiritual death into your life?


Be conscious of the words you choose to think and those you choose to speak. If someone asks you how you’re doing, don’t let your answer be how much this hurts, and how bad this is, or how much this necessity will cost and you just ain’t got it. Don’t you know that when you speak these words, they began to manifest more and more in your life? If all you have to focus on is your illnesses, then guess what, that’s what you become. You become your illness! If you constantly focus on your stress and turmoil, that is what you wear every day. Just as if all you can think about is every possible negative scenario that has, or has not, taken place, you become that negative energy that you despise so much.

In no way am I saying to wear a false face and walk around like a robot. But, what I am saying is to train your mind to count your blessings and make a checklist of gratitude before you speak. Look at where you are versus where you were. Life is not always going to be filled with all sunshine and lollipops but isn’t it awesome that God, knowing this, has already given you an umbrella and raincoat to keep you from drowning in the downpour.

It’s time to change your mantra. Instead of speaking constant words of lack, speak words that will encourage you and change your circumstance. Speak words the will bring you more, instead of those that will bring you less. Within you is the power of authority and miracles. Tap into the endless well of peace and joy that God has placed within you and begin to sow greater seeds into your life.

Sacred Steps

Share your thoughts as you transition from less to more.

  • What are you saying differently?
  • What “new life” seeds are you sowing into your faith walk?






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