Aromatherapy Consultation

aromatherapy consultation


Facing a change or transition in your life? Looking to invite in more love and positive energy? Need an aromatic support for your prayer, meditation, and yoga practice? I can make a blend for that!

Inhale a bespoke blend of aromatics that speak directly to where you are in your journey. Carefully crafted to provide additional support to your spirit, mind, and body this blend is made specifically for you.

Aromatherapy + Support

A special bespoke blend and support for your journey. Whether your feeling lost, you’re in a transition, facing a challenge or just in a life funk, getting the support you need can make a huge difference.

This option combines 1 bespoke aromatherapy blend + 3 emotional and/or spiritual support sessions.

The Consult

Each of the above options includes a 45-minute consultation via phone or Skype. Based on the consultation, I will recommend a blend of aromatics that will provide you with the additional support requested.

Let’s get started!

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