Mandarin Essential Oil

Botanical Name:  Citrus reticulata
Plant Part Used:  outer peel                         
Country of Origin: Italy, Spain, Middle East           
Method of Extraction: cold-pressed     
Aroma:  sweet, citrusy with floral tones
Color:  yellow-orange
Note:  top  
Contraindications:   not phototoxic (unless using oil from Citrus reticulata)

The sweet calming aroma of Mandarin essential oil is a gentle way to usher in joy while, at the same time, bringing calm to your spirit. Although other citrus essential oils are stimulating, Mandarin essential oil tends to be the least stimulating of the bunch.

Due to the calming and tranquil characteristics of Mandarin essential oil, this is a wonderful essential to diffuse at bedtime for adults or children.


  • C. nobilis
  • C. madurensis
  • C. unshiu
  • C. deliciosa

Spiritual Support

  • helps connects to inner innocence (child)
  • helps to heal painful and sad events in your life story
  • encourages child-like exuberance
  • helps rediscovery of radiant joy and happiness within

Anointing points

  • feet
  • palms of hands
  • lower back
  • pulse points

Energetic/Emotional Benefits

  • uplifting
  • soothing
  • encourages inspiration
  • encourages tranquility

Therapeutic Benefits

Mandarin essential oil has a variety of benefits that can assist with a holistic lifestyle. The following are only a few notable benefits:

  • acne
  • oily skin
  • toner
  • restlessness
  • nervous tension

Blends well with

Ways to use

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