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Get Somewhere and Sit Down

Have you ever heard this phrase “go somewhere and sit down” from one of the elders when you were a child? Whenever you were in the way, they would stop what they were doing and say those words to you. Usually, because you knew those words really meant you were one step away from a spanking, you will go find a space out-of-the-way and sit down.

As an adult, you don’t listen when these words, or something similar, are said to you. It always seems take something to happen before you take heed to these words. I know I am guilty of this and not too long ago I got the hint.


I have a very large book collection. I’ve always wanted to keep track of exactly what I have and to know the total number. After starting and stopping numerous times, I finally made the time to catalog my collection. Now that has involved a lot of heavy lifting, hauling, and a ton of milk crates.

Finally, I reached the last load of crates that needed to be cataloged and I was beyond happy. I shared the news with my father and he had one word of advice for me, take it easy and be careful of your back. I reassured him that me and my back were fine and I was on the last batch so it would be over soon.

On the last day of cataloging I woke up in a great mood and was looking forward to finally being done with this project. I sat down to a light breakfast and felt a ping in my back. Nothing big, just a little ping. Within 15 minutes my back pain turned into muscle spasms that slowly made its way across half of my back.


I spent the day laying on my back with a heating pad under me. That evening, feeling a bit better, I decided maybe I can slowly bring the crates upstairs since that’s where the catalog took place. As soon as I thought it, the Holy Spirit said “leave them for tomorrow.” But, I figured bringing a few upstairs couldn’t hurt. The command was repeated to me again and I brushed it off as me not wanting to do it and started the heavy lifting. Long story short, I’ll just say that by the end of the day, my back spasms were back in full force and I had a bleeding pinky toe. Ouch! When I heard the voice again, it said, “I told you to wait until tomorrow.” Double ouch! In other words, I told you to get somewhere and sit down.


Often God is trying to get you to be still, but because we live in a world that is stuck on “go,” we often miss the “ wait” and “stop” signals. Or, in my case, if I’m not doing “something” I feel like I’m wasting time and being lazy. It is those times when God needs you to get somewhere and sit down. Whether it is to catch a breath because you are doing too much; to have your body at rest so it is allowed to heal; or to be quiet long enough to hear His voice above the chaos, He needs you to be still. When you fail to do this, you get in God’s way and the consequences can be painful.

So, when you are Divinely told to get somewhere and still down, be as a child, find your secret place and go sit down.

Until next time, be blessed!

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