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Good Riddance Day!

Have you ever heard of Good Riddance Day? Neither have I, until today. I was listening to the radio while out doing the last of my after Christmas shopping when I heard about Good Riddance Day. People were calling into the station and sharing what they are leaving behind in 2018. It was such a good exercise of setting an end of the year intentions. I love that! 💖

It also got me thinking about what I will leave in 2018. It actually took longer than I thought it would but, I narrowed it down to the one thing I really want to leave behind. Chains. Any and all chains. By chains, I mean all the things that has kept me stuck in my safe place. It’s time for me to fly and I can’t do it tethered to my comfort zone. Or, my past.

Healing takes place in my willingness to exist outside of my past hurt and pain. So, I’m excited and looking forward to breaking every link in those chains.


What about you? What are you leaving behind in 2018?

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