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In Your Secret Place is Back!

In Your Secret Place is back

It’s been awhile, but I am so happy to say In Your Secret Place is back! If you remember, the website was hacked back in December and was taken over with some sort of fashion pics and Asia language.

It could have been worse (inappropriate content) but it was still a headache to get it all worked out. In the end, I decided to rebuild the site from scratch and implement new safeguards so this doesn’t happen again.

6 Years in the Making

It doesn’t seem like it, but I have been working on this small piece of the internet for 6 years. In Your Secret Place began in my living room back in 2010. Initially it was a way to gather some of the women I knew together for a “shopping” event (which was really me giving away a lot of clothes, bags, shoes, etc.).

As plans for the day were made, the vision began to change. That still small voice began to speak and I was charged with sharing how we are to care for ourselves (self-care) when life is crazy busy and chaotic.

Doing this was something completely outside of my comfort zone. So, the day turned into a a women’s fellowship that included “shopping”. It was in this informal gathering that I first introduced the Exhale, Relax and Listen concept. Who knew God was grooming me for more.

The end result of that gathering was this online sacred space. A place where we can gather and remember how to Exhale, Relax and Listen, no matter where you are in the world.

Rediscover, Renew, Refocus

Being the optimist that I am, after the initial heartbreak of seeing 6 years worth of my online work disappear from the internet, I looked for the lesson and blessing.

Rediscover – the first blessings is this experience has let me rediscover some posts and themes I’ve written over the years. Some will be dusted off and freshened up for you to enjoy now.

Renew – the second blessing is I get to write from where I am now in this journey. I have experienced so much over the last 6 years and renewing my goals for this community – to create sacred time and space – has renewed also my passion for promoting self-care.

Refocus – the final blessing is this process helped me refocus and clarify how I engage with you in this space. Creating sacred space, holistic aromatherapy, biblical storytelling, and self-care (including eating well) will be a few of the topics I will cover on this site.

So much of these topics overlap and connect to creating a life that is well lived and joyful. Going forward, I will share what I have learned in a fun and interesting way (I hope!). My goal is to help you heal old wounds, embrace your story, and live a life of purpose, love and bliss. All of the things God desires for His beloveds!

So, here’s to letting go, starting over and new beginnings!







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