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Podcast Launch + Ep. 1 | Manifesting the Vision

Today, I’m celebrating big time! It’s my birthday anndddd, my podcast is officially launched today!

This has been a journey and I’m super excited to see the vision finally manifested.  Here’s a brief overview of the podcast:

Exhale, Relax & Listen with Clesha, where we explore faith, spiritual aromatherapy, self-care, and soul-care.  This podcast is dedicated to assisting you with creating a holistic God-centered lifestyle.

The first episode is all about manifesting the vision that is within you. Listen to the episode and take stock of the gifts you are holding on to that you need to release into the world. Then, make it happen.

You can hear full episodes of the podcast on iTunes, Spotify & Lisbyn. https://cleshastaten.libsyn.com/

Now I invite you to stop, take a breath, exhale, relax and listen.

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