Sabbath Reconnection Gathering | Oneness With God

This month’s Sabbath Reconnection Gathering focusing on John 10:22-30. Aromatic spiritual support this month is Rosemary. Great for sore muscles, congestion, dandruff & hair loss, rosemary essential oil also deepens the connection with faith and the powerful truth that spirit is always with you. It reminds you that you are never alone. This makes it a really great essential oil to accompany you as we talk about being in this oneness with God.

Aromatic Support

Rosemary essential oil is really good as it’s really eye-opening. You can find it in Spain, France, and South Africa where they extract the essential oils from the leaves using the steam distilled method. The aroma is very strong and it’s like a fresh herbal scent is very sharp.

When you smell it, your eyes will instantly open wide and your olfactory will respond to Rosemary’s aroma with a, “Whoa!”


Some cautions that come along with this essential oil is to avoid using it in higher levels topically on your skin. You don’t want to go above 16% if you suffer from epilepsy.

Rosemary essential oil is high in camphor creating some controversy about whether or not it’s contraindicated for women who are pregnant. So there’s one camp that says the camphor is not high enough to be deterrent from pregnant women using it. If you are pregnant, you want to use it with care.

You don’t want to use this essential oil near children under five. And, you also want to use caution with kids under 10 years old. So you can use it between those age, but you just want to really use caution when you’re using it with children that young.

Children are smaller people and have a smaller system and absorption rate would be quicker. So you don’t want to use a lot of it when you’re using it with children, or avoid it all together.

General Safety

As always, you want to use essential oils safely.

You don’t want to keep it out where children can find it. You want to make sure you’re storing it in a nice, cool, dark place. You don’t want to put it directly on your skin. You always want to dilute it in something before you begin to use it. And that something could be an uncensored cream. It could be a seed oil, or it could be bath water. You just want to make sure that you’re not using it directly on your skin.

Finally, there is no reason to ingest essential oils for daily everyday use. All the benefits of essential oils can be experienced through other methods of absorption. Now,

I am not giving you this information to be used as a form of medical treatment or to help you diagnose anything. This is for educational purposes only.

Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil

Aromatherapy Benefits

  • Antiseptic
  • Analgesic – pain reliever
  • Antidepressant
  • anti inflammatory
  • Antispasmodic – sore & fatigued muscles
  • Decongestant
  • Circulatory Stimulant
  • Dandruff & hair loss

Emotional Benefits

  • Stimulates and strengthens the mind
  • Energizes and uplifts
  • Encourages clarity & concentration

Spiritual Benefits

  • Teaches you to tend to your spiritual path
  • Helps us remember what we value
  • It reminds to create healthy boundaries so we don’t lose ourselves to others
  • Strengthens our relationship with Spirit and fortifies our will power so we can walk our spiritual path with purpose & intent
  • Deepens connection with faith & powerful truth that Spirit is always with us


As always, we want to find a comfortable space where we’re not distracted, where it’s quiet and where you can feel grounded. And we want to sit or lay whichever one is comfortable for you in a position that will allow you to just kind of ground yourself. As we move into our exhale, relax and. Listen.

Let’s take 5 deep breaths. As you really focus on the flame, try to remove all the stress.

[Breathing and meditation can be found in the video]

These are sacred breaths that you are taking breath. That brings life, breath, that that engages the lungs and every cell of the body making it a sacred time. As you inhale your breath, just focus on your heartbeat. Focus on what is going on in your body at this present moment.

Try to see what it is that your body is telling you in this moment.

What is it that you have been neglecting as you bring your awareness more and more to your heartbeat, to what is going on in your body? Just listen with each sacred breath that comes in and each sacred breath that goes out all apart of the same cycle, all a part of life. Which is why it’s so sacred. Our breath restores our breath brings us back into that oneness with God. As we inhale his sacred breath, we then exhale our own sacred breath.


Now, we are going to move into relaxation. Just allow your body that’s time to just relax, feel in your body where there is tension chin, and just allow it to release. Starting at the top of our head pay attention to those spaces that are tight or tense as we move down into our neck, if it feels tight, just kind of tilt your head to the right.

And then tilt your head to the left, allowing your shoulders to drop and help to release the tension that may be there still on your heart. Allow your focus to move down into your shoulders and your chest as your heart beats. What is your body telling you in this moment? Is there a tension? If, so roll your shoulders gently to help move that energy out of that space between your shoulder blades, if you are carrying your stress in that area.

Give your body permission to release that tension. To just relax in this moment and to be present as our focus and our breath continues to move down into our bellies and lower back. If you need to stretch in this moment, every stretch, every role of your body of your muscles helps to break up that stagnant energy that may be sitting in our bodies causing tension and blockages. And those blockages can be emotional, spiritual, and physical, and just allowing your body to move in the way that it needs to release that pent up energy. Knowing that in this moment, You support your heart as well as your body with each sacred breath that you draw in.

As we moved down into our buttocks and down into our thighs. Focusing on your breath with each heartbeat, moving down into our knees. Being aware of the connections that are made in our bodies. Connecting one limb to another. Connecting muscles and tendons. As we move down into our calves, on legs that hold us up in our busy lives. This is a time to honor them by allowing them to relax. Notice if they need to be massaged or soaked, continue to breathe.

Inhale. God’s sacred breath into your lungs, into your body with each heartbeat. Exhaling your own sacred breath, reflecting God’s life and purpose. As your focus moves down into your ankles, you just want to roll your ankles gently to help. Lubricate those joints and to help move that energy and tension out of your body, down into your feet. You can always shake your feet and wiggle your toes to help. To release that energy. Let it escape your body through your toes.

And with eyes still closed…


“Jesus answered, “I told you, but you don’t believe. Everything I have done has been authorized by my Father, actions that speak louder than words. You don’t believe because you’re not my sheep. My sheep recognize my voice. I know them, and they follow me. I give them real and eternal life. They are protected from the Destroyer for good. No one can steal them from out of my hand. The Father who put them under my care is so much greater than the Destroyer and Thief. No one could ever get them away from him. I and the Father are one heart and mind.”” – John 10:25-30 (MSG)

I am and my Father are one heart and mind.


Jesus referred to himself as the “good shepherd” and talked about how the sheep knows his voice and follow him. How they can’t be plucked from his hands. He also talked about how he’s able to do this because he and the father are one. So now I want to look at a few things. What does it mean to be a shepherd, Oneness with God and walking in your divinity?

So let’s begin with what it means to be a shepherd. We all have the image of a shepherd being out in the field with the sheep and loves livestock. He’s the only one who’s out there. If you think about the amount of time that is spent with these animals and these creatures out in this large, vast space, the shepherd begins to note each and every individual sheep.

It knows which shapes are strong and which can tend to be a little weaker and need more care. It knows when it makes a sound or cries out what it means. The shepherd knows everything that it is to know about the sheep that is in his care. And because of that, the sheep knows the shepherd. Because the shepherd took the time to be able to be in this space with the sheep and knowing the sheep and the sheep learning who the shepherd is.

This is what Jesus is saying when he says that I am the good shepherd and the sheep has been given to me in my care. They cannot be plucked from my hands. They know me, they know my voice. And so they follow me and Jesus, when he says this is so just the imagery for me is that when you know, and follow the one who cares for you, there is nothing that can distract or pull you away from that.

Because of the relationship that is developed with Jesus and us being the sheep and us being the flock, that intimate relationship that is developed between Christ and each individual person, each individual sheep in his flock, we know his voice. And so when there are other voices that come up and would try to distract us with, try to lead us down a path where we don’t belong, or we know we’re not supposed to go is the Shepherd’s voice that calls us back.

It’s the Shepherd’s voice that we know to be true and real as the one that is caring for us. In this, these past this, these verses crisis that I, and the father are one, there is nothing that you can pluck out of God’s hand. And therefore there is nothing that you can pluck out of my hands.

Jesus knows your needs because God takes the time to get to know everything that there is about you. And if you think back to Psalms 139, it says, “you knew me before I ever came to be, you knew me before I was born. You knew everything as you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” That means that God knows every little piece, every molecular cell that is within you, every thought, everything that you are thinking and doing, God knows what that is because he is the good shepherd.

He cares for us because we are his own. Now, when you think about sheep, who often, sometimes they get lost. They get separated from the flock and you can find them somewhere, um, where they’re not supposed to be, where they may be in danger. They begin to cry out and it’s the shepherd that hears the voice of the one that cries out and the shepherd goes and he saves that sheep.

It’s the same thing that happens with us when we are in predicaments and situations where we don’t see a way out. Where we find ourselves in situations and circumstances that would have kept us on the edge of a mountain, crying out for God to come and to save us.

God hears our voice because we are his sheep and we are part of his flock. The one thing that I do want to talk about in that is the developing within yourself and within your own journey. That relationship where you hear the voice of the shepherd is not enough for the shepherds to know us, but we need to know the shepherd because Jesus says that when they hear my voice, they follow me.

If you’re not able to hear or recognize the voice of God, when it speaks to you, you can go astray and you can also be bombarded by all of these other voices that may not be, um, The right thing for you to do, because we get so distracted because there’s so much noise and chaos and the world is easy to just hear all of these voices is like, Oh, that sounds good.

I’m just going to go this way but we have to remember, and we have to know, that we are under the care of God. We’re under the care of Christ and we need to know and hear his voice above all of the noise we need to be in that oneness with God. And that is where and how you are able to hear the Shepherd’s voice so that you are able to follow.

So what does that mean? And what does that look like? As far as developing that oneness with God? Again, it all goes back to being in that secret place, spending time with God in the secret place. Um, sometimes we are so caught up in life. Because life is not always easy. We get so caught up in life that we forget that we’re not separate from God.

God said he dwells within us. He said, if you make a home for me in your heart, that’s where I will dwell. And so we’re not separate. God is not separate from anything that God has created. And so we’re never separate from God. And so we’re always in range of hearing his voice. And so if you. Understand that.

And if you are able to pull on that, then you’re able to be able to tap into being one with the father so that when he speaks, you can hear his voice and you can follow the promptings of the Holy spirit when they come. So it’s all about developing that intimate relationship. That Christ has with us to be able to have that same thing with him.

You know, the invitation is always extended. From God, to us to be within that, um, reconciliation and be in that communion with God, but how much more beautiful and blessed would it be for us to be able to make that invitation as well, to say, I want to be in your secret place so that I can know your voice.

So when I hear it, I will be able to follow. And also when I hear other voices, I will know that it’s not you. And I will know. How to respond to it. That means just spending time with God in prayer and meditation, and being able to just tap in to what it is that God is saying, and just tapping into the presence of God, what we did tonight to just open up our, um, Hearts and minds to this worship service tonight is an example of that to just be able to ground yourself and to be able to relax.

Another thing is to use affirmations that will help to garner that, you know, I am in. This moment, this eternal moment with God. And I open my heart and my mind to hearing God’s voice and hearing what it is that God has for me. It’s reading sacred texts. It’s being able to listen. To other spiritual leaders that are telling you and showing you different ways that you’re able to do that and to tap in to that oneness that is already within you, the more that you’re able to lean into the oneness with God, the more that you’re able to reconnect or connect with God, it also requires you to reconnect and connect with yourself.

It means to be aware of what’s going on within you so that your mind is not so clouded, it’s not so filled with all of these other things that would distract you while you’re in the secret place. It’s just being quiet, settling down and allowing that time to just be with God. Is developing, nurturing and cultivating that intimate relationship with Christ and spending time with the shepherd.

You begin to know his presence, you get to know his voice. So it’s so fitting to be able to make the invitation. You know that I want to know your voice. I want to be in your presence and making that invitation to God, and then putting yourself in the position to be able to do that, which means that we’re not running from here to here, but you’re actually taking time, like tonight to be able to just sit and be still with God.

To be able to sit and just feel the presence of God. And that could take time to be able to recognize those things and to be able to recognize and be fully open to receiving the presence of God. But it requires you to be able to sit and be still, you know, the word says, be still and know that I am God.

That is where it all starts being still in the secret place so that you will be able to learn and discern the voice and the presence of God. When you are able to do that, then you begin to align your heart and your soul with God. And what it is that God has for you to do. You’re able to tap into that oneness, knowing that that’s God that you’re tapping into.

And when you are aligned with God and aligned with the spirit of God, then the things that you do are in alignment with the purpose that he has for your life. Your thoughts, the things that you say, how you reflect God in the world begins to change because you’re in that oneness with God. Jesus said that I am a father are one.

Now and saying this and tapping into that oneness with God, it requires you to walk in your divinity. It requires you to walk in the knowing that you are one with God. And I’m not saying that to say that you’re declaring that you are a God or that you are a God, but you. Carry the essence and character of God.

When you are tapped into that oneness with God, you tapping into the power of God, you’re tapping into every part of God’s character that dwells within you. But it requires you to tap into it, to develop it and to cultivate it. And once you are able to do that, and once you are able to fully align your spirit with God and hear his voice, it’s easier for you to follow his lane, his leaning and his leading.

It’s easier for you too, to be able to take divine direction without even thinking about it. A lot of times we hear God tell us to do something and we don’t act on it because we’re like, is that you, God, I need you to tell me that because it’s, and I’m talking about myself right now. I need you to tell me that in a way that I know is you for sure. And that you’re talking to me.

Because our spirit is not fully aligned with your will your way, which is fine because everyone has their own journey and their own place of getting to yes. But once you’re able to lean into the oneness with God, there is no second thoughts about when you hear God telling you to do something, because your thoughts, his thoughts, his leading is your direction.

So when the Holy spirit speaks, you just respond by the action. There is no hesitation there because your soul and your spirit has already discerned that this is my Shepherd’s voice. And so I’m going to go this way, because this is the way that he’s telling, makes it go. But it requires you to walk in that divinity and in that oneness with God, knowing that the character, the essence and the power of God and he sides with it.

A lot of times before I do something that I know is so very sacred, I will say Lord, more of you and less of me. That means that I am pushing down and getting rid of that old man that is within me so that there is space for God to be able to do what God needs to do through me. But that requires me to be able to cultivate that relationship, that intimacy.

With God that goes beyond just a church service or going to this conference or going to that conference, it’s about a relationship, a healthy and loving relationship. Every relationship that we have, we have to work towards it. We have to cultivate it. We have to develop it. And it’s the same with our relationship with God, the beauty of that, and what makes it different.

Is that once you began to really fully and with full intention, so develop and cultivate your relationship with God, it becomes like second nature. You begin to live in the secret place and it’s reflected in the things that you do to things that you say and your thoughts that you have, it becomes easier.

And second nature to be able to just walk in your divinity without arrogance, but with confidence that you know, that I am the father and the father are one. His thoughts are my thoughts. Everything that I do is because he is doing it through me. These are his works that he is carrying out through me.

So, as we end our time together, I encourage you to know that you are connected to God in such a profound, sacred, and beautiful way that you are one with God that you am embody the power, the essence, and the character of God, but you need to lean into it. In order to know his voice so that you can receive and act on the divine direction when it comes to you live in that secret place.

And, right now, if you’re not able to live in that secret place, visit it more often with intention and without distraction. Go in with an open heart and open hand, not requesting anything other than Lord. Let me feel your presence. Let me feel the oneness that I have with you. Develop cultivate. And be able to live within that space of oneness.

It will change how you think it will change how you feel, and it will change how you show up in the world. So that is going to end it for our time together. My prayer is that you will begin to open yourself up to hearing the Shepherd’s voice and knowing that you and the father are one develop and cultivate that relationship.

Y’all received a divine guiding and discernment that you need. To be able to rise above the chaos of the world. I pray that this was a blessing to you.


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