Sabbath Reconnection: Resting in God

We had our first Sabbath Reconnection yesterday and it was amazing! I was a bit nervous and wasn’t sure how it was all going to work but I got out of the way and let God take control.

Sabbath Reconnection is a worship service that is different from the usual. It’s a service of rest and being still. It’s about creating a life (and lifestyle) around being in the Presence of God. It’s an opportunity to slow down and check-in with yourself.

It’s about setting aside a day and time to rest and reconnect to ourselves and God. It’s worship through stillness in the secret place. It’s how we honor, praise, and express our love for God by being present to who really we are. A manifestation of God’s grace and promises.

Message: Resting in God
Scripture: Genesis 1-2:4
Aromatherapy Spiritual Support: Frankincense

Join me every 1st Saturday of the month @ 6pm for another Sabbath Reconnection. Be sure to sign up to receive notifications and additional weekly support.

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