Join me monthly for a Sabbath Reconnection LIVE gathering!

Reconnecting through a time rest

Sabbath Reconnection is a time intentionally set aside with a focus on rest and connection to self and God.

This is a  service I created to encourage an intentional time of looking inward and listening to the voice of God that dwells within you. It’s designed as a way to worship through slowing down and being still in the presence of God, build your faith, and reconnect to self.

When we draw closer to God, God draws closer to us.

Every 1st Saturday of the month I will be hosting a LIVE gathering This is a free gathering that I am offering to you to assist in your journey.

What to expect:

Every month we will gather over Zoom and take time to exhale, relax, and listen. I will guide you as we:

  • exhale: ground ourselves through focused breathing exercises
  • relax: check-in with self through meditation
  • listen: to a biblically based message that will lift and encourage your spirit
  • holistic aromatherapy for spiritual support
  • time of prayer

Connecting through Zoom

Sabbath Reconnection gatherings will take place over Zoom, but streamed to other social media platforms as well. If you are present in the Zoom room, you will be able to take advantage of the additional group support I will provide at the end of every gathering. This additional group support will not be available on the other platforms.

The information to join the gatherings via Zoom will be available to those who are registered so make sure you register below.

Why register?

Although this LIVE gathering is free, our time together doesn’t end there. Every week I will support and help you make application of what was shared by myself and others in the gatherings. There will be additional:

  • holistic aromatherapy support – suggested ways to use the essential oils discussed
  • affirmations to help support you make the mental shifts needed
  • self-care suggestions
  • reflection exercises to take a deeper dive
  • meditation on scripture
  • and more

Remember, it’s more powerful when you actively put it into practice what you learn.

These resources will be available only to those who are registered for the gatherings.

Join me!

Sabbath Reconnection is gatherings based on Christian faith and sacred scripture but is open to anyone who desires to deepen their faith through spiritual practice, enhance their spiritual journey, and expand their capacity for self-love and self-compassion.

I hope to see you soon!


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